Annual Report 2021

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Exploiting the great potential of digital is key for our successful journey towards becoming THE leading premium tech-driven fashion platform worldwide. Not only because today the customer journey starts online, but also because the future will be all about human creativity and data-driven insights.

In line with our claim “Lead in Digital”, we are fully committed to further driving digitalization across all our business activities – from digital trend detection and product development to AI-enabled pricing and the global rollout of our brand new digital showrooms.

Our newly established Digital Campus represents the very heart of our digital journey. With employees from Metzingen (Germany) and digital experts from Porto (Portugal) coming together, we will foster our digital capabilities and create innovative digital solutions, to boost our global business.

Digitalization is key to a personalized, omnichannel customer experience.

Daniel Grieder, CEO of HUGO BOSS

Our goal is clear: We want to take our customer experience to the next level, by leveraging value from data. Already today, the Digital Campus has started to lift our digital business to new heights: one of the first priorities has been the successful implementation of the global relaunch of our online flagship in early 2022. now offers a completely new look and feel, focusing on a highly emotional brand experience and engaging customer interaction.

With even more imagery, videos, and inspiring content, customers across 59 markets now have the opportunity to dive into the full range of our brands’ refreshed collections, making it a more enjoyable, more emotional, and more consumer-focused experience than ever before!



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Over the coming years, we will continue to push ahead with the global rollout of, as we want to offer consumers from all over the world the opportunity to browse our collections in the digital world! And we will further enhance our digital flagship’s functionalities to ensure a state-of-the-art shopping experience 24/7. Offering “virtual fitting” on is just one example among many for how we will blur boundaries between online and offline shopping in the future.


Importantly: Digital traces are everywhere! “CLAIM 5” therefore also implies a strong commitment to further strengthening our relationship with wholesale partners by offering them an enhanced digital buying experience. On that, we have upped the game by implementing a digital sales organization, replacing a large proportion of physical prototypes by digital samples, and strengthening our digital showrooms. Using our digitally developed products also in distribution will bring us from digital design to digital selling.

Why will this make a difference? Because in the future, our brand-new digital showrooms will be THE first digital touchpoint to closely connect with our global wholesale accounts. And by providing a broad range story-telling capabilities and functionalities, we will offer a unique interactive, innovative, and emotional buying experience. We already started to roll out our new digital showrooms globally for our strong brands BOSS and HUGO. By the end of 2022, all our wholesale partners around the globe will get to enjoy this new digital brand experience.

NEW Digital – Digital Showroom – inside (photo)

NEW Digital – Digital Showroom – outside (photo)

NEW Digital – Three jackets (photo)

NEW Digital – Website – mobile (photo)